Everett Baker Award

This award is named for the SHFS’ first President, Everett Baker. Throughout his life, Everett Baker was a strong believer in the importance of understanding the past to build a better future, and as such he worked tirelessly to preserve local history. In that spirit, the Baker Award recognizes individuals, groups or organizations who have gone “above and beyond” to preserve and promote heritage in Saskatchewan. The award also recognizes efforts to call public attention to aspects of little-known Saskatchewan history.

Congratulations to the 2018 Baker Award Winner - Shirley Frydenlund!


This year’s Baker Award winner is Shirley Frydenlund. Shirley’s tremendous energy and tireless commitment to serving her community for the last 35+ years is what inspired our Board select her for this award. Since the 1980’s, Shirley has given an outstanding level of time and energy to her community, particularly in the area of heritage. She has volunteered in local schools; organized community events; researched, authored, and co-authored numerous histories of Allan and Allan community organizations; and sat on the executive for various heritage and community celebration committees (to name but a few of her contributions). On top of these considerable achievements, Shirley has contributed countless volunteer hours (the equivalent to a full-time job, for many years) to the Alan Community Heritage Society and Museum. Congratulations, Shirley, for these outstanding contributions. You have truly gone “above and beyond.”