Everett Baker Award

This award is named for the SHFS’ first President, Everett Baker. Throughout his life, Everett Baker was a strong believer in the importance of understanding the past to build a better future, and as such he worked tirelessly to preserve local history. In that spirit, the Baker Award recognizes individuals, groups or organizations who have gone “above and beyond” to preserve and promote heritage in Saskatchewan. The award also recognizes efforts to call public attention to aspects of little-known Saskatchewan history.

Congratulations to the 2019 Baker Award Winner - Jonathan Kalmakoff!


This year’s Baker Award winner is Jonathan Kalmakoff. Jonathan has contributed immeasurable volunteer hours to the cause of preserving and promoting heritage in Saskatchewan through both academic and on-the-ground pursuits. His prolific portfolio includes giving public presentations as well as publishing numerous books and articles about the history of the Doukhobor community and the municipality of Canora. While the extreme volume of his work and the careful manner of his research demonstrate a unique character, it is Jonathan's willingness to act in the field that truly exemplifies his commitment to this great province and the preservation of its heritage. He has undertaken extensive field work to locate and identify unregistered Doukhobor cemeteries. This work resulted in identifying five official sites that were added to the map of Saskatchewan. The effort required difficult research on a little-known topic, a noticeable amount of travel as well as submissions to the Saskatchewan Geographic Naming Committee. He also took it upon himself to implement and manage a Doukhobor Genealogy website. Jonathan’s contributions to preserving and promoting Saskatchewan heritage are significant, wide-spread and eye opening. As such, the SHFS believes that Jonathan is a wonderful addition to the distinguished list of Everett Baker Award recipients. Congratulations, Jonathan for these outstanding contributions. You have truly gone “above and beyond.”