asohtewak - Hearts Walking Together: Humboldt to Fort Carlton Trail Walk August 16 - 24, 2019

Walkers at Beardy's and Okemasis First Nation, August 2019.

SHFS organized its third walk along a historic Sask. trail in August 2019 – a portion of the Carlton Trail. There were 21 participants, ranging in age from their early ‘30s to early ‘80s, who came from ten Sask. communities, and Victoria.

The Walk in the News: Article by Louise Halfe, Eagle Feather News

Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery and Prairie Central District for Sport Culture and Recreation partnered to provide demonstrations of Métis jigging and sash weaving the day before the walk started.

Read the SHFS Trail Walk report here.

Carlton Trail Walk Overview, Aug. 17 - 24, 2019

    • Aug. 16 - Afternoon Tour of Original Humboldt site, where the Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery and Prairie Central District for Sport Culture and Recreation are partnering to provide demonstrations of Métis jigging and sash weaving (sessions at 3 and 4 p.m.). Evening ‘meet + greet’ at Humboldt Museum, 7-9 p.m.; find own accommodations for night.
    • Aug. 17 - Meet at Orig. Humboldt site 8 km. W. 3 km S.; pre-walk talk (9:30) + orientation 10:30 start; o’night Bruno campground; toilets/showers. See accommodations list options. [14 mi.]
    • Aug. 18 - Bruno to occupied farmyard near Bremen; o’night at farmyard, basic toilet no shower but water (hydrant) available. See accommodations list for other options. [13 mi.]
    • Aug. 19 - Farmyard to N. of Prud’homme; camp o’night at Prud’homme Community Centre (rink); basic shower, washrooms, kitchen facility; pizza, local heritage tours in evening. [13.5 mi.]
    • Aug. 20 - N. of Prud’homme to Alvena; open camping area with washrooms nearby, no shower;
      Co-op groceries and gas. Visit Tourand’s Coulee (Fish Creek) 1885 battle site in evening. [13.5 mi.]
    • Aug. 21 - Alvena to Gabriel’s Crossing (hwy 321); camping/toilet at One Arrow events grounds. Evening activities - site view and history of Petite Ville (early Métis settlement) with local historian, Pat Adams or visit studio of artist Paul Lapointe. See accommodation options. [14 mi.]
    • Aug. 22 - Gabriel’s Crossing to St. Laurent-Grandin; camp with washrooms/shower or rooms*; p.m. stop at Batoche. Evening tour of St. L.-Gr. or guided tour of HBC & NWC posts site. [13 mi.]
    • Aug. 23 - St. Laurent-Grandin to Beardy’s + Okemasis’ F.N.; visit Duck Lake Interpretive Centre. Camp at Beardy’s + Okemasis’, elder talk in ev., (to be confirmed); or back to St. L.-G. [12 mi.]
    • Aug. 24 - Beardy’s to Ft. Carlton; visit Ste. Anne Titanic site; end of walk. [12 mi.] Visit Ft. Carlton and possible camp o’night at Ft. Carlton, if interested.


    • There is no cost to participate. There will be camping fees at o’night stops, ranging from $10.-$20. Entrance fees are likely at Batoche, Duck Lake Interpretive Centre and Fort Carlton.
    • Participants are responsible for their own food and personal supplies. Drinking and washing water will be carried with us and replenished at o’night stops.
    • At least two support vehicles will accompany walkers each day. We will bring walker’s vehicles forward at the end of each day. Gas and groceries will be available at towns along the route.
    • Participants have option of driving to neighbouring towns for motel, etc. (see examples below)
    • The walk is ‘Come & Go’; people can participate as suits their schedules. Daily route maps can be viewed on SHFS web-site. Check web-sites and towns for local info.

For participant reference only; do your own investigation and book on your own, if you choose.
*(At St. Laurent-Grandin, 6 rooms (10 beds), 2 bathrooms reserved; contact Hugh if interested.)

Humboldt (Aug. 16)
- Canalta Hotel (new) 682-4731; Bella Vista Inn 318-0037; Pioneer Motor Hotel 682-2638, Humboldt Campground

Bruno (Aug. 17)
Campground sites reserved for participants; washrooms and pay-showers close by.
- Bruno Hotel (older) 369-2344; Shady Elm Guesthouse ($50.+, 3 rooms); Humboldt motels

Farmyard (Aug. 18)
Tenting, toilet access only. Or return to Bruno; Cudworth Motor Inn
256-7055 (14 mi. N.); Wakaw Lodge Motel 233-4345 (21 mi. N.)

Prud’homme (Aug. 19)
Vonda Hotel 258-2186 (9 mi. W of Prud’homme); Cudworth Motor Inn 256-7055 (14-16 mi.)

Alvena (Aug. 20)
Cudworth Motor Inn (14 mi. E.); Wakaw Lodge Motel 233-4345 (20 mi. NE)

Gabriel’s Crossing (One Arrow F. N. gathering site to be confirmed) (Aug. 21)
Rosthern (10 mi.) Academy B & B (3 rms, v.g.) 940-7652; Wakaw Lodge Motel 233-4345 (16 mi.)

St. Laurent-Grandin (Aug. 22) Tent or 6 rooms in rectory $50. ea. (cozy & clean) most are 2 single beds, 2 shared bathrooms / showers, kitchen, living room; Tina’s B & B Bellevue (10 mi.) 423-5239; Rosthern (20 mi. )

Beardy’s & Okemasis’ (to be confirmed) (Aug. 23)
Rosthern (14 mi.) Academy B & B or motel

Fort Carlton (Aug. 24)
Camping, washrooms if staying overnight.

Web-sites for Additional Info
Past walks
Humboldt Museum address and Original Humboldt site
Batoche and Tourand’s Coulee
St. Laurent-Grandin
Towns – Humboldt, Bruno, Prud’homme, Alvena, Duck Lake

Route Map
This map shows the walking route, which follows the approximate location of the section of the Carlton Trail, from Humboldt to Fort Carlton. The trail ruts themselves are not visible since the majority of the land has been cultivated for more than 100 years. Under no circumstances should private property be accessed without the permission of landowners.