SHFS Committees


SHFS Committees work to support our Vision, Mission, goals and strategic directions.

Committees are composed of Board members and volunteers. If you are interested in belonging to a Committee, please contact the SHFS office.

Heritage Resources Committee
Physical heritage resources that we steward and the activities that come from them; engaging communities using the resources we have (outreach, information and resources). Examples include the Everett Baker Photos or the Trail Markers along the Fort Walsh to Wood Mountain trail.

Heritage Resources Committee Terms of Reference

Community Engagement Committee
Using the benefits of outreach and partnerships to expand what we do. Identifying and creating relationships and partnerships, collaborations; co-creation with communities.

Community Engagement Committee Terms of Reference

Programs Committee
Anything that is engaging the public and motivating them to engage with history. Delivery, promoting, evaluating.

Programs Committee Terms of Reference

Publications and Communications Committee
All SHFS communications, including Folklore Magazine, Social Media, and other online communications.

Publications and Communications Committee Terms of Reference

Executive Committee
Policy development, implementation and oversight in the areas of: Governance, Human Resources, Finance, Awards, Board structure (including nominations and education), Member relations, and the Annual General Meeting.

Executive Committee Terms of Reference