Karen Culture Camp - Youth Storytelling Workshop

  • Posted on: 2 October 2017
  • By: kennsk

Storytelling for Community with Karen Youth!
In 2007, Saskatoon welcomed approximately 200 Karen (ethnic minority refugees from Myanmar) to the city. For the past several years, volunteers from the Saskatoon Karen community have run an annual Culture Camp to ensure all Karen (children, youth and elders) living in Saskatoon are able to maintain the Karen S’Gaw language.

This past year, goals at the camp also included creating connections with the Saskatoon cultural community and services, and providing chances for the Saskatoon community to learn about Karen culture.

Over two days in summer 2017, the SHFS provided a storytelling workshop to the Karen youth leadership group. Besides engaging in activities to spark creativity and build group connections, youth learned about the importance of storytelling, began to identify their own stories, and had a chance to share their stories with each other in a story circle.

We heard some wonderful stories and look forward to hearing more in the future!