Trails Walk 2021, August 10 to 20th: Fort Ellice To Fort Qu’appelle


"People sometimes ask why I walk, having done the Camino in Spain twice and undertaken local walks and hikes regularly. I love walking because I can see the environment at a slower pace. I can watch, hear, taste, feel, and smell the wind. I can appreciate my surroundings more deeply. I rely on only my own power (mostly, some other transportation usually involved) and carry only what I need." -Aditi Garg, 2021 trail walker

Rest stop for lunch, August 13th. Photo by Laurent Dudragne

Saskatchewan History & Folklore Society (SHFS) is an organization that seeks to inform and engage people in the collective heritage of the province. One of our initiatives is to organize walks along the route of historic trails.

In 2021, we walked from the site of Fort Ellice, MB, to Fort Qu’Appelle, from August 10 to 20. This was the fourth trail walk that the SHFS has organized.

Route Map
This map shows the walking route, which follows the approximate location of the trail between Fort Ellice and Fort Qu'Appelle. The trail ruts themselves are largely not visible since the majority of the land has been cultivated. Under no circumstances should private property be accessed without the permission of landowners.

In all cases, we invite the public to engage in a direct and meaningful connection with the land and the people that live there – Indigenous, settler descendants, and newcomers. This includes stopping at communities along the route and arranging programs where we can meet people and learn about their histories.

Article from the Fort Qu'Appelle Times, August 20, 2021.

Fort Ellice To Fort Qu’appelle: 2021 Walk Summary

    • Aug. 9 - Met at Parc P’tite Fourche campground, St. Lazare; welcome from reps. of Metis local.
    • Aug. 10 - Start at Fort Ellice historic site, through Nature Conservancy of Canada and Archie-Ellice Community Pasture to Sask. border. Evening visit of Fort Ellice Interpretive Centre in St. Lazare with Metis hosts/interpreters and gifts. O’night at Parc P’tite Fourche. 15 kms.
    • Aug. 11 - Backroads and grids from Sask. border to Rocanville. O’night at Rocanville sports grounds adjacent to rink. 20 kms.
    • Aug. 12 - Rocanville to grid road 601. Evening tour of Rocanville Museum including hay wagon tour of town and fiddle music. O’night in Rocanville. 20 kms.
    • Aug. 14 - Hwy 9 to Hwy 201. O’night at Lions Campground, Broadview. 19 kms.
    • Aug. 15 - Broadview to Twp road 174. Evening tour of Broadview Museum; o’night. 18 kms.
    • Aug. 16 - Twp road 174 to Hwy 47. O’night at Grenfell campground. Local cuisine. 18 kms.
    • Aug. 17 - Hwy 47 to Qu’Appelle valley. O’night at Grenfell. 21 kms.
    • Aug. 18 - Fort Ellice trail, Qu’Appelle valley. O’night at Camp Monahan on Katepwa Lake. 23 kms.
    • Aug. 19 - Qu’Appelle valley to Katepwa Lake. O’night at Camp Monahan with presentations by Metis guests on Metis history in the area. 22 kms.
    • Aug. 20 - Camp Monahan to Fort Qu’Appelle. Stop at Lebret for lunch and tour museum. Walk ends at historic site of Fort Qu’Appelle and museum tour. 17 kms.

Left: Young Cooper's Hawk at the campground, August 17. Photo by Laurent Dudragne.


Margaret Bear Chapel on Ochapowace. Photo by Aditi Garg.